Ladybug55 Photograph’s

Ladybug55 Photograph's

Beauty in the mist of trouble times, when it so hard to see the beauty all around me.


Ladybugs Photograph’s

Ladybugs Photograph's

Look closely in the cloud and see if you see what I see: Face Of Jesus!



With so much ugliness in the world, nature beauty still holds it’s beauty.

Sister gave us a scare

Sister gave us a scare

Spending long hours at the computer staring at the screen without the proper sleep and sitting in one position can and will cause health problems. As you see in this photo of my sister, her body gave her a warning, The people around her that loves her dearly warn her and even fought with her to go to bed and not to fall asleep at the computer. Being bull headed as she was and stubborn-she ignore our warnings an the families advise and did what she wanted to do. She didn’t listen until something tragic happen. Spending long hours at the computer staring at the computer screen without taking breaks in between and falling asleep at the computer can cause health issues. Listen to your body warnings-eyes and body is getting tired walk away from the computer and walk out and get some fresh air and exercise. It will do a body good. Take care of your health because nobody is gone to take care of your health for you and you’re health will take care of you.