Door to Life

On some occasions the door to life opportunities but never give up. some doors may close but if you quit trying, you may never find out the many doors of opportunities that life has opened for you.

Sometimes our thoughts can take over and discourage us but always keep an positive and open mind. Whenever I rise from my bed in the mornings, way before my alarm clock goes off, I tell myself, “Oh, it is still early yet go back to sleep. If I stay awake to long I end up starting to think to much for living with TBI, (Traumatic Brain Injury) my mind has racing thoughts which runs like the commercial airs on television about the energy battery. My thoughts starts to run out of control, than anxiety sets in.

In the darkest of my bedroom as I lay there on my bed I am beset by guilt, shame, regret, and a host of many other negative thoughts that crosses pass through my mind and the emotions sets in.

Fortunately, I am a Christian and thank God I do have a personal relationship with Christ so the Holy Spirit is close near me at my side, encouraging me to shift my thoughts in another direction and shift my attention and thoughts on God. If, I repeat memory verses that I learned from the bible, repeating the words of praise and thankfulness, the Holy Spirits lifts me up out of my despair and guides my thoughts in another direction.

Life is not at times a bowl of cherries, sometimes life may bring a full bad cherries that will guide on down the wrong road. Whenever I feel myself in trouble of forgetting and feeling blue and depressed I found myself turning them over to God and surrendering them into His hands.

Where there is a will there is a way if we take time out

to pray. Pray for courage and strength too, ask God

to guide you through.

No matter where you run if troubles not carefully

attended to, troubles will follow you.

Ask God to help you daily to help control your thoughts,

remove the thoughts of negative out of your mind

let God in control create new memories in his own design.

Remove despair and anxiety too and fill your thoughts and heart

with joy and peace and love.

Pray and ask God to open life doors of opportunities.


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