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Whatever floats…

Whatever floats your boat!

Every human being has the choice to choose their own destiny in how they conduct their lives. If individual group of people choose to drink and drive than they better be prepared to pay the consequences of the choice they made if pulled over by a police officer. 

Whatever floats their boat! defining the meaning quote: Every individual has the right to do what works for them to provide for their families, protecting their families as long it according to the law living an law abiding citizen. Individual people has the right to choose to want to live happy and in peace with one another and choose their own faith and choose the path they chose to walk. Whatever floats their boat! Their right, their decision, their destiny, their lives. Trust in God than man. 


Why it is the law to wear seat belts

Why it is the law to wear seat belts

No parents every wants to receive a phone call that a love one was in a sever car accident. For it is parents worse nightmare. Although our son-in-law was wearing a seat belt which saved his life the other driver who hit him head on was under the influence and driving over the speed limit. We thank God, he sent his Angels down looking over our son-in-law. What could happen if you don’t wear seat belts. Most accidents happen close to home. Not a Joke!