Twelve long hours sitting at the hospital visiting

Twelve long hours sitting at the hospital visiting

“Oh my, It has to be the longest day where you feel the time stops ticking. Not a place where anybody wants to spend their whole day at. Sister had four mini strokes and two seizures and what is more aggravating is not knowing and waiting patience’s for the doctor to come back and give us some news on sister’s condition. Long, Long frustrating day. Thank God all turned out well and no physical permanently damage done to her limbs but some damage has been done to her brain from the strokes. We are blessed though she is alive and doing well as can be. Slow down and change her health habits in her life. Eating, walking more, not spending long hours on the computer and getting the proper sleep that is needed. She diagnose with diabetes and psychogenic Tocollis and now taking medication for Pseudo seizures. Blessed she is still with us. Spoken to the family in a stern voice sharing with the other siblings that it should not have came this far to bring the family together.


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