Adult Survivor I am

As a survivor I know I can’t quit

or give up..for I fought to long..

finding my way where I belong..

I walked through many valley’s..

and through many dark alley’s..climbed

many get where I am today..

for it was through prayer that made me strong..


Giving up and quitting for it is not in my

vocabulary..many times I do admit..I have fall

but I get right back up and stand up tall..the road

of life goes on and on and life brings many obstacles

in your way..that may slow you down..thought of

giving up and quitting..”No Way!


At one time in my life when I was very small..

a child..who lost her way..from all that happen

to me..from the Adults who I was to listen to of

all they say and obey. Fought the battles from abuse to bullying..

those who robbed my self-esteem, made feel so low..

I am here for a reason..for I fought it all on my own..

to survive to live… I know I would of not made it

through fighting my battles I would fall on my,

knees and ask God to help me through and through..

to give me the strength to never give up..never God’s grace and mercy..and many prayers..

for I know God cares for his tender love He shares.


Never give not quit..even when life throws

you much to learn..keep your head lifted

up high..eyes on Him..your not fighting your battles’ll find God will be your comfort zone!


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